My Job? To Put Myself Out of a Job

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My goal is to put myself out of a job for every individual client. I want to empower my clients with knowledge, motivation and tools that they can use to move forward indefinitely with eating the right foods (most of the time), in the right amount, for the right reason. Simply put, to become and live as intuitive eaters.

One of the first things I tell my clients is that “I don’t do diets”. Diets are something you go on and then come off of – a recipe for disaster in my mind. I want each client to establish long-term changes in their eating habits and lifestyle that last a lifetime. There is no on again off again. This is life. Let’s get it right.

Many people suffer from some form of emotional eating. It doesn’t always relate to negative emotions either. Sure, stress, fatigue and anxiety can lead one to the Doritos, but so too can happiness, excitement, new love, and fun. We eat for many reasons, but really we should only eat for one. Any guesses? You got it: eat when you are hungry. Only. Period. Full Stop. The second half to that equation is: stop the moment you are satisfied. “Satisfied” means no longer hungry; not “stuffed to the gills”. Following these two simple maxims is the key to intuitive eating.

Overcoming emotional eating takes practice and perseverance. Recognition is the first step and then developing alternative coping skills away from food is essential. For some, it may require help in the form of professional counselling. However, for many, it can be achieved with a bit of motivation and a lot of mindfulness.

As we are approaching the holidays we will all be faced with multiple temptations throughout the day. Shortbread brought to work, cocktail party canapés, chocolate chocolate everywhere. Before you indulge, take a moment to ask yourself the following questions and guide yourself through the intuitive eating flow chart.

Intuitive eating chart_correctedIf you end up at “eat and enjoy without guilt” do so. However, keep in mind that one or two Purdy’s chocolate will satisfy that craving, but 10 will lead to remorse.

The question “will I be deprived if I don’t eat it?” is a key one. If you stop banning foods and give yourself permission to enjoy the odd treat, the answer to this question will become clear. A tray of store-bought Christmas cookies that has been sitting out on the kitchen table all day may elicit the answer “no, I will not be deprived if I don’t eat this”. However, you may choose to indulge in a piece of your grandma’s famous homemade fudge.

Santas Christmas Cookie Snack

Intuitive eating isn’t about throwing caution to the wind and eating anything you want, whenever you want. It involves mindful choices that allows you to find a balance between eating food you enjoy, when you are hungry, stopping when satisfied and then getting on with the rest of your life.

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