Breakfast Television… cont’d

I had a great time with Riaz and the team at CityTV’s Breakfast Television on March 27th. I did a short segment called “Swap Out” where I discussed healthy alternatives to some of our “go to” favourite meals.

You can watch it here…

I had to cut a few items from the piece in order to stay within the time allotted, so I’ll fill you in on the rest now.

Drinks for lunch: 

I had a bottle of Vitamin Water on the “before” meal alongside the tuna melt panini and chocolate chip cookie. Regular Vitamin Water has 120 calories. Well, you may be thinking, that’s because of all those vitamins, right? Well, no. Vitamins don’t have any calories. Every single calorie in that bottle is from sugar. Just how much sugar? A whopping 9 teaspoons of sugar. That is more than a Twix bar. It is actually only 2 tsp short from a can of coke. Hardly the healthy alternative they would like you to believe. On the “good” side of the table beside the Nicoise Salad was…. of course, a glass of water.

The message: do not drink your calories.

Drink water for thirst and eat your calories. If you want a good hit of vitamins, eat vegetables and fruit. You could also take a multi-vitamin/ multi-mineral pill as well.  There are no short cuts to good health.

Late Night Snack.

It is often late at night just before bed that we crave a little something sweet. The cookies from the cupboard, your child’s pack of jelly beans or the chocolate bar in your purse start calling your name.  I know it is hard to tame a sweet tooth, but try satisfying it with something that won’t sabotage your healthy diet.

I think of pomegranates as nature’s candy. They are bright red (without colouring E129), sweet, bite size little treats. They also take a long time to eat. They are filled with fibre, potassium, vitamin C and K.

As pomegranates are seasonal, you can also try a small bowl of berries or a dozen frozen cut grapes. Slowly munch and suck on the frozen grapes and their high sugar content should hopefully appease that pesky sweet tooth. 


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One thought on “Breakfast Television… cont’d

  1. Awesome piece on Breakfast Television! Great ideas and filled with lots of info. Could you do a piece on breakfast foods? I eat oatmeal in the morning, but I am often wondering what other alternatives are there that can take you to lunch where you feel filled and not starving by 10 am?

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